About us

Mond Club plus is an employment mediation agency with a license valid in Serbia and abroad.

The agency has been operating since 1997 with a significant impact on the reduction of unemployment in the territory of Serbia, as well as significant assistance to employers in the selection of quality personnel.

The agency connects employers and candidates, harmonizing mutual criteria and conditions. Modern methods are used regarding pre-selection, selection, detailed interview, as well as various types of testing and expert interviews with candidates at the request of the employer.

References and why choose us

26 years of experience

License no. 022-03-00097/2013-24 regarding professional and technical qualifications

Significant impact on reducing unemployment

Positive effects for companies through cooperation in the domain of referrals and employment of appropriate personnel, as well as the influence on increasing turnover through ADVERTISING methods

Correct business ethics code and approach in cooperation

Favorable prices for services on the market of employment mediation and marketing